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Ethical way of operation

It is crucial for ensuring an ethical way of business operations that we have up-to-date ethical guidelines and operating models that define the basic principles of internal and external ethical business operations. A responsible and ethical way of operation is also essential for confidence in business between Olvi and its stakeholders.


An ethical and sustainable way of operation is a substantial part of our values and business in all market areas. We want to keep up our reputation as a honest and trustworthy business in all of the Olvi Group companies. We have documented our ethical way of operation in the corporate Code of Conduct. It describes the foundations of our responsible operations:

  • compliance with the applicable laws and regulations
  • realisation of human rights and equal opportunities
  • occupational health and safety and a cleaner environment
  • zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption
  • promoting healthy and effective competition and complying with competition regulations in force
  • protecting the tangible and intangible assets of our company
  • honest and respectful communications to stakeholders
  • timely and reliable information to investors
  • an operating model to reveal any unethical operations

The Code of Conduct also serves as the basis for the ”Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Partners”, through which we want to make our partners committed to the same principles of corporate responsibility that we are committed to


The members of Olvi plc’s Board of Directors shall represent diversified knowledge and skills, including industry knowledge, and possess a variety of professional backgrounds in a way that allows work and international experience, different ages and genders to support and supplement each other for the good of the company’s business and to increase shareholder value. In addition to the competence required for the position, anyone to be elected a Board member shall have the possibility to devote a sufficient amount of time to attending to the duties.

The principle of diversity must also be realised in Olvi’s Management Group.

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