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Generating value for stakeholders

We are a substantial employer locally, and we endeavour to choose local partners and subcontractors for co-operation.

We pay our taxes and fees in accordance with local legislation in each of the countries where we operate.

Financial and social effects are particularly reflected in our operating environment through direct and indirect employment and tax payments. Therefore, to the extent possible, we endeavour to choose local suppliers and subcontractors for co-operation, giving our contribution to the vitality of the local community. Olvi plc strives towards an active dialogue with society. Our goal is openness to the extent possible for a listed company.

We are active in the co-operation organs of the industry, such as the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation (ETL), Federation of the Brewing and Soft Drinks Industry, Suomen Palautuspakkaus Oy (Palpa, which administers the recycling of beverage containers and promotes recycling in Finland), the Ekopullo Association, Oy Panimolaboratorio – Bryggerilaboratorium Ab, and the Association of Brewing Masters.

We also actively participate in the activities of, for instance, the working groups of the Finnish Business & Society Association (FiBS) and the Association for Finnish Work (STL), and we are using the Key Flag symbol issued by STL in our products as proof of our fulfilment of the granting criteria. We are striving towards good communication also with key authorities, such as the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira), Customs, Evira and the Centre for Group Taxation.


We comply with all local tax laws, rules and regulations in force and pay our taxes and fees such as alcohol excise, soft drinks excise, tax on taxable earnings as well as employer fees in accordance with local legislation. In addition, Finnish shareholders pay capital gains tax on dividends, which increases the tax revenues of our society. Furthermore, Olvi plc’s employees and subcontractors naturally contribute to tax revenues in accordance with their places of residence and domicile.


We endeavour to choose local partners and local raw materials whenever possible, and we are a substantial direct and indirect employer locally. It is important for us to work in close co-operation with the local community and give our contribution to developing its vitality. The local nature of our operations minimises environmental emissions as we can avoid the impacts of imports on the climate and environment.


The company’s positive financial development secures the generation of value to our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate. Olvi is a growing and developing company committed to long-term development, having a strong balance sheet and good profitability. We also are a stable payer of dividends.


The objective of risk management is to ensure the realisation of the company’s strategy and secure its financial development and the continuity of business. The task of risk management is to operate proactively and create operating conditions in which business risks are managed comprehensively and systematically in all of the Group companies and all levels of the organisation.

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