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Responsible Value Chain

We make continuous efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and improve our resource efficiency. The transparency and traceability of our procurement always come first.

Olvi’s responsibility footprint is determined throughout the supply chain. It covers our own operations as well as the entire delivery chain, thus being a shared interest among us, our suppliers and partners. Good supply chain management and procurement practices have a substantial effect on the environment, climate and society.

Central Targets of Olvi Group

Responsibility for the Environment

Environmental responsibility is largely manifested as resource efficiency – the safe and efficient use of raw materials, supplies and energy, as well as recycling and optimisation of transports. We make continuous efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our Group-wide environmental policy and its focus areas – carbon footprint reduction, water consumption, treatment of wastewater and recycling of materials – define the shared objectives and targets for our environmental responsibility.


To reduce our carbon footprint, we focus on optimisation of the delivery chain and route and increasing the use of renewable energy, amongst others. We have a bioheating plant and we use certified, green energy. Read more


We seek to reduce our water use through production planning. We also cooperate with wastewater processing plants to develop efficient pre-treatment of wastewater. In 2019, we invested 2.3 million euros in the renovation of wastewater treatment plant. Read more


In addition to recycling, reusing materials as far as possible is also important for us. We take into account recovery of by-products and recyclability of packaging, for example. In 2020, the amount of mixed waste was nearly zero. Read more

Responsible Procurement

In addition to environmental responsibility, we develop the transparency and traceability of our procurement. We choose responsible suppliers of raw materials and other materials. Read more



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