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Le Coq

Refreshing cocktail – Ready to go!

Le Coq cocktails are ready to drink and represent the trendiest cocktail flavours of the world. A wide range of classic cocktails is available – get familiar with the fresh drinks and be delighted.

Le Coq Cocktail

Mojito is a world-famous cocktail which nicely combines the fun tastes of white rum, lime, peppermint and brown sugar. To add special freshness and coolness, add ice to your drink.

Le Coq Cocktail

The flavour of watermelon gives this red-coloured southern cocktail a pleasantly juicy taste. Classically, people drink Margaritas on a hot summer’s day, but in our climate it’s also ejoyable during the cold winter months.

Le Coq Cocktail Pina Colada

Pina Colada cocktail tastes of southern sea rum and coconut milk. Freshness is added by juicy pineapple. This cocktail is the perfect drink for summertime trips as well as cosy indoor get-togethers when it gets colder

Le Coq Cocktail Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach is a mischievous tropical mixture of juicy oranges and peaches with just a hint of bitter cranberry for the perfect result. It’s a cocktail to remind you of those passionate summer holidays

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