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The pale A.Le Coq Premium lager sold in Finland is manufactured in Iisalmi in accordance with the original A.Le Coq recipe (excl. Gluten-free and Alcohol-free beer).

A.Le Coq Premium 0,3 % wheat

Alcohol-free isotonic wheat beer that rehydrates your body after extensive physical exercise.

A.Le Coq Premium Export 5,2 %

The genuine great taste of A.Le Coq -beer available as a slightly stronger export version.


Famous popular A.Le Coq Premim lager beer produced in such a way that it is approved as gluten-free by the Finnish Coeliac Society.

A.Le Coq Premium alcohol-free beer

A. Le Coq Premium 0.0 % Alcohol-free beer is produced using the latest vacum technology. Unlike some other non-alcoholic beers Premium 0.0 % has rich flavor and is 100 % alcohol-free.

A. Le Coq Premium 4,5 %

A. Le Coq Premium is a light yellow premium beer with dense bubbles. Its sweetish character is well balanced with the fresh bitterness of hops. Nuances of hops and bread can also be felt in the aroma of A. Le Coq Premium

A. Le Coq

A. Le Coq Porter has a strong taste and a rich aroma. It is a typical Baltic porter with the dominant flavour of roasted malt, but hints of black bread and caramel can also be felt. They are complemented by the nuance of dried fruit and dark chocolate in the end.


The full-bodied flavour of Alexander is clearly dominated by the bitter crispness of hops and it is balanced out by the stronger than average caramel flavour of the malt. Fresh hops linger in the finish of this light yellow lager with its dense bubbles.

A. Le Coq

A. Le Coq Classic kvass is an honest, traditionally fermented kvass, which tastes exactly like kvass should taste. It has a pleasant bread flavour and is not too sweet. It has a nice head of foam and it is an excellent thirst quencher. This kvass has the true unspoilt taste of childhood – it’s a pure classic.

A.Le Coq

A. Le Coq Premium is a premium pale lager beer. Its sweetish character is well balanced with the fresh bitterness of hops. Nuances of hops and bread can also be felt in the aroma of A. Le Coq Gold beer.

A. Le Coq Premium alcohol-free beer

The alcohol has been removed from this popular A.Le Coq Premium lager without compromising on taste. The familiar malty flavour is now available in an alcohol-free version and in a multipack.

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