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Olvi is Finnish and creates positive taste experiences. Here you can find Olvi’s fresh new products, available in stores right now. Taste and be delighted!

KevytOlo Natural Energy Drink Strawberry-Banana & fruit waste

Natural Energy Drink Strawberry-Banana & fruit waste is an almost calorie-free energising drink, which has been sweetened with Stevia and contains caffeine derived from natural green coffee beans. Jungle Juice Bar’s excess raw ingredients have been utilised in its production. Due to the carefully selected natural raw ingredients, the product is also suitable for vegans.

KevytOlo Apple and Lime + Fruit waste

A carbonated drink inspired by green smoothies and utilising the apple dregs generated as by-products of Jungle Juice Bar juicers. Our unique drink is slightly sweetened and yet fully free of calories, because it is sweetened by the natural sweetener Stevia. You can therefore have this refreshing apple drink that is flavoured with sparkling lime for both thirst and pure enjoyment.

TEHO Kreisi Kesä energy drink

The TEHO ‘Kreisi Kesä’ energy drink is a fruit candy flavoured drink, which celebrates Finnish summer. Compared to a regular TEHO energy drink, the amount of sugar content has been reduced by 30% with the help of sucralose. Available for as long as summer continues!

TEHO Kehoteho + Mg energy drink

TEHO ‘’Kehoteho + Mg’’ is a tropical mango-flavored functional energy drink with added magnesium. Magnesium is an essential mineral for humans, which participates in the body, among other things, in the regulation of muscle and nervous system function and blood sugar and blood pressure. The drink has an exotic mango flavor, and its sugar content is slightly lower than usual at 7.6 g / 100 ml thanks to the sucralose it contains.

Kane´s Bubble Tea Mango & Passion Fruit

It’s taking over! This time with something a bit less not-so exotic. As the old saying goes: mango go with passion fruit like bubbles go with tea. You try it, and you’ll agree!

Kane´s Soda Pop Calabasas Kicks

Here’s just a little trick you should pick pretty quick if you wanna be slick. Take a strawberry and put it in your shoe. No? Well then try the calabasas style instead!

Olvi Vichy Pineapple

The latest newcomer into the successful flavoured Olvi Vichy water family is the fruity fresh Vichy Pineapple. Adding sweet pineapple to our traditional and award-winning Vichy base, containing 0.05 g of salts per 100 ml of drink, creates the perfect combination for maintaining your fluid balance.

KevytOlo Grapefruit

KevytOlo Grapefruit is a high-quality, flavoured mineral water, which is manufactured from mildly carbonated pure ground water derived from the pristine Finnish lakes. KevytOlo drinks contain no additives or calories, and their sodium content of 6mg/l is purely what is naturally found in ground water. Therefore, KevytOlo drinks are also suitable for people who need to control their salt intake. KevytOlo Grapefruit quickly restores liquid balance and lost minerals to the body. It is an excellent choice, both for quenching your thirst and as an accompaniment to meals.

A. Le Coq Fassbrause 0,0 % Mojito

A light green Mojito cocktail-flavored naturally fermented drink made from non-alcoholic beer and lemon juice. In addition to lemon, the drink has strong mint flavor. Contains sugar only 6.0 g/100 ml.

OLVI New Zealand Pale Ale

A pale, medium-bodied New Zealand Pale Ale dry-hopped with Wai-iti, Motueka and Kohatu hops. It is easy to drink and tastes fruity with tones of exotic tropical fruits.


OLVI COLD IPA is a golden yellow, medium-bodied, full-malt ale fermented at a lower temperature than traditional India Pale Ales. Dry-hopped with American hops it has snappy bitters and tropical fruity taste with tones of pine resin.

OLVI Hard Seltzer Juiced Raspberry

OLVI Hard Seltzer Juiced Raspberry is a refreshing alcoholic and carbonated water flavored with juicy Raspberry. The product contains 4.5 % alcohol and a low-calorie content compared to other cocktails at 27kcal per 100ml. No sugar, artificial sweeteners or colors are added to the product at all, and only natural aromas are used in the product. OLVI Hard Seltzer Juiced Raspberry can be enjoyed cold on its own or with ice and raspberries.

Sherwood Candy Apple Cider

Sherwood Candy Apple is a sweet apple and caramel-flavored apple cider. This cider is suitable both for enjoyment and paired with food.

OLVI Sour Apple long drink

OLVI Sour Apple is long drink with green apple flavour. Pour over ice and enjoy!

A. Le Coq GIN Citrus Splash Long Drink

A. Le Coq GIN Citrus Splash Long Drink is a fresh gin-based long drink with taste of tropical Citrus fruits.

OLVI Summer Ale

An unfiltered, unpasteurized fullmalt American Wheat Ale brewed with more than 30 % wheat malt. An ideal thirst quencher for this summer.

Daring Daughter India Pale Lager

Golden, unpasteurized, unfiltered full-malt India Pale Lager with fresh, citrusy, balanced and full-bodied flavor. Pairs well with burgers, spicy BBQ meat dishes and cheeses.

KevytOlo Peach + zinc & multi-B juice mineral water

KevytOlo Peach + zinc & multi-B is the first juice-based mineral water in the product family with added value. The reasonably sweet and pertly peachy drink includes important B vitamins and zinc in support of the immune system and for keeping up your energy.

FIZZ Brut Perry Cider

FIZZ Brut Perry Cider follows the familiar dry cider characteristics of FIZZ ciders. The taste is rich pear and not too sweet. The cider’s long aftertaste completes the rich taste experience. The drink has a higher alcohol content of 5.5%.

TEHO Sport Orange-chocolate recovery drink

The best-tasting TEHO Sport recovery drinks on the market are made from Finnish lactose-free local milk. TEHO Sport Orange-chocolate does not contain added sugar, only the amount naturally present in milk. The product is high in protein, one tetra contains 28g of protein and only 5.2g / dl of carbohydrates. The product is sweetened with sweeteners but without aspartame.

Motor Oil Energy Drink

Enjoy a can of Motor Oil when you feel that your engine needs some more power or just want to remove unnecessary friction from your day. You’ll get the benefits of natural caffeine extracted from real coffee beans and tea leaves.

Motor Oil Energy Drink Engine Punch

Enjoy a can of Motor Oil Engine Punch when you feel that your engine needs some more power or just want to remove unnecessary friction from your day but without sugar. You’ll get the benefits of natural caffeine extracted from real coffee beans and tea leaves.

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