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Olvi is Finnish and creates positive taste experiences. Here you can find Olvi’s fresh new products, available in stores right now. Taste and be delighted!

Arctic Silence Spring Water

Arctic Silence Still Spring Water holds an exquisite natural blend of mineral content defining the unique taste. A refreshing thirst quenhcer for all occasions.

KevytOlo Ginger+ Lime mineral water

KevytOlo’s new flavour Ginger + Lime adds a stylish, classic pairing to the mineral water range. Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for centuries, and has several beneficial properties. KevytOlo’s new product is made with genuine ginger extract, which gives the drink a lightly spiced ginger taste. Lime adds a dash of citrus to balance the drink. The product is sweetened with sugar and fructose, and no artificial sweeteners are used. It contains just 3g of sugar per 100ml.

Kane’s Soda Pop Long Beach Blush

All you Acai lovers, this is for you. And don’t stress if you hadn’t heard about this tasty berry before. We hadn’t either. But it’s blushing good.

Kane´s Soda Pop Temecula Twist

This time our flavor lab went completely bananas – and pears. As a result, we can proudly present the new taste, which is a bit… eh, twisted.

Health Lab Mind

Ready, set, focus. Sweet pineapple and ginger flavored HEALTH LAB MIND is a tasty way to prepare for learning new things. Added magnesium, biotin, vitamin B6, zinc and vitamin B5 promote healthy mental performance to keep your mind sharp.

TEHO Esport Mango & Yuzu

TEHO Esport has a fresh mango & yuzu flavour, and as it is non-carbonated it makes for an easy-to-drink beverage. The product does not contain any caffeine which also makes it a responsible option for younger gamers. The drink contains zinc which promotes normal vison, and vitamin B2 which supports endurance and vitality.

FIZZ Alcohol-free Apple Cider

The range of FIZZ ciders now includes an alcohol-free apple cider. FIZZ Alcohol-free Apple Cider is completely alcohol-free and takes its rich, apple flavour from fermented apple juice.

TEHO Sport Peach recovery drink

TEHO Sport recovery drinks are produced by Maitomaa in Suonenjoki. All products contain Finnish milk and they are lactose- and gluten-free. 0,33 liters tetra pack with screw-on cap is easy to use. TEHO Sport Peach recovery drink does not contain any added sugar but simply the amount naturally in the milk. One tetra contains 28g of protein and only 4.9g / dl of carbohydrates.

OLVI Watermelon Long Drink

You can really taste the fresh, juicy flavour of watermelon in the OLVI Watermelon long drink. What a delicious way to enjoy the taste of watermelon – try it with ice!

Daring Daughter Brut Lager

A light, unpasteurized, dry-fermented special lager dry-hopped with Crystal aromahops. Food pairing: salads, spiced food and deep-fried dishes. Serving temperature: +6-10 C.

Daring Daughter Tropical Lager

An unpasteurized summery and fruity special lager, dry-hopped with Sabro, Amarillo and Chinook aromahops. Food pairing: cheese, chicken or creamy pasta. Serving temperature: +6-10 C.

Le Coq Cocktail Orange Spritz

Le Coq Orange Spritz is an alcoholic drink with a flavour that provides the sweetness and freshness of orange all at once. Try it with ice!

Onni Kuohari Strawberry

Onni Kuohari Strawberry has a delicious strawberry flavour. Onni Kuohari Strawberry is a strawberry-flavoured sparkling fruit wine that contains both strawberry and apple wine. The drink is great for summer parties, picnics, or even autumn dinners.

Onni Kuohari Rhubarb

Onni Kuohari Rhubarb has a sweet rhubarb taste. Onni Kuohari Rhubarb is a rhubarb-flavoured sparkling fruit wine that contains both rhubarb and apple wine. The drink is great for summer parties, picnics, or even autumn dinners.

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