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Olvi is Finnish and creates positive taste experiences. Here you can find Olvi’s fresh new products, available in stores right now. Taste and be delighted!

Kane’s Soda Pop Fresno Flirt

When you want to feel light and peachy, have a sip of this fruity phenomenon. Loads of flavor. Decent amount of flirt. No sugar.

Kane’s Soda Pop Red Peak Rush

Red Peak Rush Cherry & Plum. Feed your imagination with these wild fruits – bag the peak and enjoy stunning views!

Motor Oil Energy Drink

Enjoy a can of Motor Oil when you feel that your engine needs some more power or just want to remove unnecessary friction from your day. You’ll get the benefits of natural caffeine extracted from real coffee beans and tea leaves. It means smoother, balanced energy boost without that fast crash typical for artificial caffeine

OLVI Hi-Hop Mild IPA

A full-malt ultra-low session IPA with only 2,5 % alcohol and lots of hoppy taste.

Sandels Pils

Sandels Pils is an unpasteurized, full-malt, bottom-fermented German type Pils with rich hoppy flavor.

OLVI American Brown Ale 5,0 %

An unfiltered, unpasteurized,dark full-malt ale with rich roated flavor.

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