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Olvi is Finnish and creates positive taste experiences. Here you can find Olvi’s fresh new products, available in stores right now. Taste and be delighted!

KevytOlo Natural Energy Drink Tropical flavors &. fruit waste

Natural Energy Drink ´Tropiikin maut &. hukkahedelmät’ is an almost calorie-free energising drink, which has been sweetened with Stevia and contains caffeine derived from natural green coffee beans. Jungle Juice Bar’s excess raw ingredients have been utilised in its production. Due to the carefully selected natural raw ingredients, the product is also suitable for vegans.

KevytOlo Strawberry and Passion + leftover fruits mineral water

KevytOlo Strawberry ja Passion mineral water. Co-operation with Jungle Juice Bar.

Muumi Raspberry-redcurrant non-carbonated flavoured water

Moomin flavoured water is here. Fresh taste of raspberry and redcurrant without bubbles.

OLVI Solero Pale Ale

A pale unfiltered, unpasteurized, full-malt International Pale Ale with tropical flavor induced by the extremely popular Solero aromahop.

Kane´s Soda Pop Belvedere Bowl

Hold on to your britches and get ready to be bowled over – by the one-two punch of blueberry and mangosteen! Yeah we know, they´re not often seen together in nature, so don´t miss your chance to experience this combination. We think it really packs a ´strike´!

OLVI Summer Ale

The full-grain OLVI Summer Ale, which contains wheat, is a summer beer favoured by all Finns. Now also available in a larger 6 can multipack.

TEHO Jäätävä kesä

The TEHO ‘Jäätävä kesä’ energy drink is a strawberry and rhubarb flavoured mixture, which celebrates Finnish summer. Compared to a regular TEHO energy drink, the amount of sugar content has been reduced by 30% with the help of sucralose. Available for as long as summer continues!

KevytOlo sugar-free mango kombucha

New KevytOlo sugar-free kombucha in here. Try our new mango kombucha, now without sugar.

OLVI Summer Ale

An unfiltered, unpasteurized fullmalt American Wheat Ale brewed with more than 30 % wheat malt. An ideal thirst quencher for this summer.

Le Coq Cocktail Blue Lagoon 4,7 %

Le Coq Cocktail Blue Lagoon 4,7 % is a bright blue alcoholic cocktail with the taste of pineapple, curacao and coconut.

OLVI Iisalmi Orange Alcohol-free long drink 0,0%

OLVI Iisalmi Orange Alcohol-free long drink is made from refreshing Iisalmi spring water and handcrafted orange distillate, which is made from orange surplus from grocery stores. Enjoy a completely non-alcoholic product with ice or straight from the can!

OLVI Rasberry 2.0 Sugar free

OLVI Raspberry 2.0 is a unique flavour among Finland’s sugar-free soft drinks range. Now also available without aspartame. The product is sugar-free. OLVI – Soft drinks since 1892.

OLVI Grapefruit 2.0 Sugar free

OLVI Grapefruit 2.0 is a refreshing grapefruit-flavoured sugar-free soft drink with a tangy, citrus taste. Like other sugar-free OLVI soft drinks, the grapefruit soft drink is now available without aspartame.

Muteman Premium Lingonberry Tonic Water

Finland has the best lingonberries in the world that I have used to prepare a fresh and vibrant drink to be enjoyed as such or for diverse mixer uses. The eye-catching red colour of this quinine-free tonic speaks for itself. I have only held back on the amount of sugar, and even that is a perfect amount of 7.3 g/100 ml.

OLVI Pineapple 2.0 Sugar free

OLVI Pineapple 2.0 is a pineapple-flavoured sugar-free soft drink. Tropical flavour, now without aspartame. Why not try our popular 12-pack?

OLVI Jaffa 2.0 Sugarfree

OLVI Jaffa 2.0 is a sugar-free alternative to Olvi’s Jaffa drink. It is a popular favourite thanks to its no-nonsense refreshing and fruity flavour. Now available without aspartame! Guaranteed OLVI quality since 1892.

A.Le Coq Fassbrause 0,0 % Pink Grapefruit

An alcohol-free beverage made from alcohol-free beer and soft drink containing pink grapefruit juice. A refreshing thirst-quencher and a healthy alternative to sugar soft drinks.

Olvi Vichy Rasberry + Calcium

Olvi Vichy Raspberry + Calcium is a zero-calorie and unsweetened mineral water drink. The product was developed in collaboration with top skier Krista Pärmäkoski. The bubbly, raspberry-flavoured thirst-quencher contains 60mg of calcium per 100ml. The product’s fantastic properties make it excellent for athletes and anyone who requires calcium.

Moomin spring water

Moomin mineral water comes from Finnish nature. Nature has given the water a uniquely fresh and crisp taste, making it the perfect drink to quench thirst. From sweltering midsummer to magical winters, fresh Moomin mineral water is great to take on any adventure. For every bottle of Moomin mineral water sold, Olvi will donate 2 cents per litre to Oxfam for water purification. Read more at

OLVI Hard Kombucha Passion-lemon 4,0%

OLVI Hard kombucha is an organic green tea-based fermented kombucha spiked with ethanol. The new product contains 4% alcohol. Available in the deliciously refreshing flavour of passion fruit and lemon. Try it and love it!

OLVI Hard Seltzer Lemon-Lime

OLVI Hard Seltzer is a refreshing alcoholic and carbonated water flavoured with lemon and lime. The product contains 4.5% alcohol and a low calorie content compared to other cocktails at 25 kcal per 100ml. No sugar, artificial sweeteners or colours are added to the product at all. Only natural aromas are used in the product. OLVI Hard Seltzer can be enjoyed on its own or with ice and fruits.

Sandels Feast beer Unfiltered 5,3 %

A pale, full-bodied, medium-hopped premium lager beer favoured by all Finns. Now also available as unfiltered.

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