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Olvi is Finnish and creates positive taste experiences. Here you can find Olvi’s fresh new products, available in stores right now. Taste and be delighted!

Kane’s Soda Pop Coachella Chill

Crispy green apple with a laid-back attitude and a splash of citrus. We’d say it’s a match made in soda pop heaven. Superb freshness. Good vibes.

KevytOlo Aloe vera + blueberry

KevytOlo Aloe vera + blueberry is flavoured, sweetened and carbonated beverage that is made of Aloe vera inner leaf extract. The drink is sweetened with sugar and fructose and its sugar content is only 3,7 g/100 ml.

Health Lab Vision

Bursting with mango and ylang ylang flavor, Health Lab Vision is a true feast for the eyes. It’s packed with lutein, a carotenoid that improves eyesight and protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and blue light. Since you are looking at a screen as we speak, you see the need for it, right?

A. Le Coq Grapefruit alcohol-free long drink

A. Le Coq Grapefruit alcohol-free long drink is fully alcohol-free long drink.

OLVI Summer Ale

An unfiltered, unpasteurized fullmalt American Wheat Ale brewed with 30 % wheat malt. An ideal thirst quencher for this summer.


Santaños is brewed according to Latin American traditions. Santaños – light body and mild taste! A taste to discover.

Muteman Premium Indian Tonic Water

Muteman Premium Tonic Water and its charm isn’t just empty talk – it’s based on an artfully crafted recipe: natural quinine and a beautifully balanced blend of bitter and citrus flavours. There is only 7.8 g/100 ml of sugar, so with Muteman there’s no need for sweet talk.

OLVI Iisalmi Lingonberry GIN long drink

Long drink made from hand-picked finnish lingonberries and craft gin.

OLVI Iisalmi Blueberry GIN long drink

A Long drink made from hand-picked finnish blueberries and craft gin.

Le Coq Cocktail Hugo Spritz

The Le Coq Hugo Spritz cocktail is a elderflower and mint-flavored fermented alcoholic beverage. Hugo is originally from Northern Italy.

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