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Olvi is Finnish and creates positive taste experiences. Here you can find Olvi’s fresh new products, available in stores right now. Taste and be delighted!

TEHO Sport white chocolate- vanilla recovery drink with added magnesium

TEHO Sport white chocolate-vanilla + magnesium recovery drink is intended for recovery from endurance training and it includes magnesium. One pack contains 50g carbohydrates, 17g protein and 58mg magnesium. The nutritional content of the recovery drink is carefully chosen to recover from the endurance training and to support the normal functioning of the muscles. TEHO Sport recovery drinks are made from Finnish local lactose-free milk and they are gluten-free.

Kane’s Soda Pop Ruby Hill Thrill

When sweet strawberry meets crispy pomegranate, prepare yourself for a thrilling ride. It’s exiting. It’s sugar free. It’s tasty like… well, Kane’s.

Motor Oil Energy Drink, Sugar free

So long sugar! Enjoy a can of sugar free Motor Oil when you feel that your engine needs some more power or just want to remove unnecessary friction from your day, but without any sugar. You’ll still get the benefits of natural caffeine extracted from real coffee beans and tea leaves.

Arctic SIlence Sparkling Water

Arctic Silence on miedosti hiilihapotettu kivennäisvesi, joka on valmistettu puhtaaseen pohjaveteen. Se pyrkii luomaan rauhaisan tunnelman arjen keskelle. Kokeile ja nauti.

Muteman Premium Ginger Beer

We wanted to create the perfect ginger beer mixer that would give a good fresh kick to cocktails such as the Moscow Mule. This mixer is also ideal for drinking neat with crushed ice and lime. You’ll taste plenty of real ginger, a hint of fermented flavour and a dash of citrus peel. With 10 g of sugar per 100 ml, it is perfectly balanced.

A.Le Coq Premium 0,3 % wheat

Alcohol-free isotonic wheat beer that rehydrates your body after extensive physical exercise.

Sherwood Cherry & Plum cider

Sherwood Cherry & Plum cider is a sweet apple cider with the taste of delicious plum and cherry.

A. Le Coq GIN Ginger Long Drink

A. Le Coq GIN Ginger Long Drink is a fresh gin-based long drink with tasty ginger.

OLVI Winter Ale

A seasonal specialty beer developped according to consumer wishes. A malty Scottish Export Ale with roasted barley and Brittish aroma hops.

OLVI Jouluolut

A traditional full-bodied dark lager beer – the perfect drink for Christmas dinner.

OLVI Merry Xmas IPA

Unfiltered and unpasterized full-malt Red IPA with strong aroma and fruity notes. Hops: Opal, Kazbek and Comet.

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