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Olvi is Finnish and creates positive taste experiences. Here you can find Olvi’s fresh new products, available in stores right now. Taste and be delighted!

KevytOlo Pink Grapefruit mineral water with juice

KevytOlo Pink Grapefruit mineral water with juice freshly combines the light sweetness of fructose with the citrusity of pink grapefruit. Sugar only 4,9 g/dl.

OLVI Cola 2.0 Sugar free

OLVI Cola 2.0 is a completely sugar-free soft drink with a unique feature of its aspartame-free. Take your sugar-free cola to the next level – drink an aspartame-free OLVI Cola 2.0 soft drink.

Kane’s Soda Pop Paradise Punch

Fresh lemon, fresh head – you can sorbet this golden nectar makes your mind soar into the blue sky of the flavor paradise.

Kane’s Bouncy Lemon & Apricot

Fruity lemon & apricot flavored drink with extra drive from real juice and caffeine.

OLVI Premium Sour Raspberry soft drink

OLVI Premium Sour Raspberry gets its taste from real raspberry juice and its acidity from the vinegar it contains. No artificial flavors or colors. Sugar only 6,8 g/dl. Plenty of taste from nature.

OLVI Premium Brewed Lime soft drink

OLVI Premium Brewed Lime gets its taste from lime made using an authentic fermentation process. No artificial flavors or colors. Plenty of taste from nature.

KevytOlo Aloe vera + blueberry

KevytOlo Aloe vera + blueberry is flavoured, sweetened and carbonated beverage that is made of Aloe vera inner leaf extract. The drink is sweetened with sugar and fructose and its sugar content is only 3,7 g/100 ml.

OLVI Vichy Pear

Pear is a unique taste in the domestic vichy selection. OLVI Vichy’s act as the most excellent thirst quenchers and, thanks to their salts, are also suitable for recovery after exercise. OLVI Vichy – since 1878.

OLVI Vichy Lemon & Lime + magnesium

OLVI Vichy Lemon-Lime + Magnesium is unsweetened and noncaloric mineral water. This lemon and lime flavoured bubbly thirst quencher contains magnesium 28 mg / 100 ml. Because of these great product features, it is especially suitable for those who exercises or need magnesium.

TEHO ESPORT Pineapple & Passion fruit

Pineapple & passionfruit flavoured carbonated esports drink is a choice for persons who wants to enjoy their drink with the bubbles. The product does not contain any caffeine which also makes it a responsible option for younger gamers. The drink contains zinc which promotes normal vison, and vitamin B2 which supports endurance and vitality.

TEHO Lite Boost 2.0

TEHO Lite Boost 2.0 is a sugar-free member of the TEHO product range, which is flavoured with the familiar guarana.

A. Le Coq Fassbrause 0,0 % Lemon

Lemon-flavoured alcohol-free drink made from alcohol-free beer and lemon soft drink with a twist of lemon juice. Fassbrause is a healthy alternative to soft drinks and a great thirst-quencher.

A.Le Coq Cranberry alcohol-free 0.0%

A.Le Coq Cranberry alcohol-free is an entirely alcohol-free cranberry-flavoured long drink. Juniper berries and herbal distillates give the drink its unique twist. Enjoy with ice or directly from the can!

A.Le Coq IPA 0,3 %

A genuine hoppy non-alcoholic IPA. The strongly hoppy and slightly bitter flavour is achieved using Chinook, Amarillo, Cascade and Citra aroma hops. A great choice for those who want to enjoy an IPA but want to avoid alcohol.

Le Coq Virgin Mojito 0.0%

Virgin Mojito is a mint & lime -flavoured alcohol-free cocktail; or mocktail drink. Le Coq Cocktails drinks are the most widely spread brand of the Olvi Group, and the brand’s refreshing Cocktail flavours are already familiar in more than 40 countries. You can now also enjoy these refreshing drinks alcohol-free. Mojito is a classic Cuban cocktail, and its alcohol-free version, Virgin Mojito, offers the familiar flavours of sour lime and fresh mint. An excellent choice when you would prefer an alcohol-free drink without compromising on taste!

Le Coq Virgin Margarita 0.0%

Virgin Margarita is a watermelon-flavoured alcohol-free cocktail; or mocktail drink. Le Coq Cocktails drinks are the most widely spread brand of the Olvi Group, and the brand’s refreshing Cocktail flavours are already familiar in more than 40 countries. You can now also enjoy these refreshing drinks alcohol-free. Virgin Margarita has a sweet watermelon flavour, which is balanced by sour citrus. A perfect alcohol-free choice for a party drink!

OLVI Summer Ale

An unfiltered, unpasteurized fullmalt American Wheat Ale brewed with more than 30 % wheat malt. An ideal thirst quencher for this summer.

FIZZ Oaky Apple Cider 5.5 %

FIZZ Oaky Apple Cider follows the familiar dry cider characteristics of FIZZ apple ciders. In addition to apple, the drink has an oaky flavour, and the cider’s long aftertaste completes the rich taste experience. The drink has a higher alcohol content of 5.5%, which is higher than that of other products in the series.

OLVI Iisalmi Lingonberry GIN long drink

Long drink made from hand-picked finnish lingonberries and craft gin.

OLVI Iisalmi Blueberry GIN long drink

A Long drink made from hand-picked finnish blueberries and craft gin.

Daring Daughter West Coast Lager

A pale, unpasteurized, unfiltered full-malt special lager beer dry-hopped with Astra-, Calypso- and Loral aroma hops. A trendy West Coast Lager with a brisk citrusy flavor.

Sandels 5,3 %

Sandels 5,3 % is a pale, medium-bodied, medium-hopped premium lager beer favoured by all Finns. Now also available in a bigger 0.568 l pint-size can.

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