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Daring Daughter

Brewmaster Silja Hylkinen is the daughter of Olvi’s former Senior Brewmaster, Pentti Pelttari. When asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, From the moment she could talk, Silja told us what she wanted to be when she grew up. At the Scandinavian School of Brewing, Silja became interested in beer yeasts, which shocked her dad Pentti. Back when he had studied in Germany the number of beer yeasts were restricted to just a few. Silja, however, thought that there could be a different yeast for every beer. The first Daring Daughter beers are lagers because it highlights the skills of the Brewmaster.

Daring Daughter is a range of beer focusing on unpasteurised, unfiltered, dry-hopped lagers packed full of taste, but with less bitterness than IPA beers. The product family was named after its inventor and Silja´s bold and passionate way of developing new beers. The first beers in the range, Brut and Tropical lager, also represent new things and were inspired by up-and-coming American styles of beer.

Daring Daughter
Tropical Lager

The hugely popular dry-hopped Daring Daughter Tropical lager with fruity summery taste now also available in 0,33L glass bottle.

Daring Daughter
Brut Lager

A light, unpasteurized, dry-fermented special lager dry-hopped with Crystal aromahops. Food pairing: salads, spiced food and deep-fried dishes. Serving temperature: +6-10 C.

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