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FIZZ ciders are known particularly for their freshness and fruitiness. FIZZ remains one of the best-known ciders in Finland and a long-term favourite among consumers. Get familiar with the FIZZ product range and find your personal favourite!

FIZZ Oaky Apple Cider 5.5 %

FIZZ Oaky Apple Cider follows the familiar dry cider characteristics of FIZZ apple ciders. In addition to apple, the drink has an oaky flavour, and the cider’s long aftertaste completes the rich taste experience. The drink has a higher alcohol content of 5.5%, which is higher than that of other products in the series.

FIZZ Alcohol-free
Apple Cider

The range of FIZZ ciders now includes an alcohol-free apple cider. FIZZ Alcohol-free Apple Cider is completely alcohol-free and takes its rich, apple flavour from fermented apple juice.

FIZZ Original

FIZZ Original Dry is the first and original dry cider in Finland. FIZZ Original Dry is a fruity, dry apple cider, which tastes of real apple.

FIZZ Extra

FIZZ Extra Dry is a fresh, extra dry apple cider, which contains a little less sugar. FIZZ Extra Dry is the new, drier version of the most popular dry cider in Finland,

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