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Since 2005, Olvi has challenged its competitors in the energy drinks market with TEHO Energy Drink. The TEHO range of four products is clearly profiled as a genuine Finnish energy drink. During the years, it has become one of the best-selling energy drink brands in the Finnish market. In 2018 Olvi launched a new energy brand Motor Oil.

Developed in collaboration with nature

KevytOlo Natural Energy

KevytOlo Natural Energy Drink is a new energy drink, which has been produced in cooperation with nature. The energising effect of the product is based on the caffeine derived from coffee beans, and an additional boost is provided by other raw ingredients that are naturally energising. On top of this, the drink is sugar-free because it only gets its sweetness from the natural and calorie-free sweetener, stevia.

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For Mental Lubrication

Motor Oil

Motor Oil is a energy drink with natural caffeine.

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Energy Drink


The TEHO product range includes the original TEHO Energy Drink available in 0.33-litre cans and 0.5-litre plastic bottles. Pineapple & coconut flavoured TEHO Crash! brings tropical breeze to the Finnish Enrgy Drink family. The sugarfree variants in half-litre cans are TEHO Lite Red and TEHO Lite boost 2.0, which renewed recipe doesn’t contain neither sugar or aspartam. The drinks are free from preservatives, and the active ingredients are caffeine, taurine, guarana extract, maltodextrin and group B vitamins.

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