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There is taste in life

A. Le Coq long drinks are high-quality international long drinks. The popular long drinks made by fermentation guarantee a fresh taste experience.

A. Le Coq Long Drink 5,5%

A. Le Coq GIN Long Drink Grapefruit is a long drink which is manufactured with genuine Gin and the grapefruit flavour that is such a great favourite of the Finns. This high-quality long drink is manufactured according to the traditional recipe.

A Le Coq Grapefruit Long Drink

The new wine base for this fermented version of the popular A. Le Coq long drink guarantees a fresh taste experience.

A. Le Coq Bitter Lemon Long Drink

A. Le Coq Bitter Lemon long drink is a long drink with a citrus taste that guarantees a full, fresh and bitter taste experience.

Nutritional information 100ml

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