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High-quality Finnish mineral waters

Olvi has a wide range of different mineral waters sold under five brands: Moomin, Arctic Silence, OLVI Vichy, KevytOlo and Health Lab. All Olvi mineral waters are made with pure groundwater from the Finnish Lake District, giving them a natural and fresh taste. Mineral waters quench your thirst, complement meals and can be used as the basis for punches and trendy mocktails. You will certainly find your favourite among the wide range of products. Try and be surprised!


Olvi Vichy

Olvi Vichy is a traditional Vichy-type mineral water with lots of bubbles. It contains minerals and salt (NaCl). OLVI Vichy has a strong Finnish profile and is an excellent help in maintaining the liquid balance of the body. The beverage has also enjoyed appreciation from international experts. As a recognition for this, OLVI Vichy received a gold medal in Amsterdam in 1981. The only flavoured and functional Vichy-type waters in the market can be found in Olvi’s range.

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The freshness of nature bottled!


Moominvalley is surrounded by the lonely mountains and filled with lush forests and babbling brooks. Just as in Moominvalley, nature in Finland is always only a step away. Finland’s unique groundwater and spring water are the purest in the world. Together with the Moomins, Olvi brings natural freshness to you. Now you can carry the purity of nature with you wherever your adventure leads.

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Fresh high-quality mineral waters


KevytOlo mineral waters are high-quality mineral waters made with lightly carbonated pure groundwater from the Finnish Lake District. You can find fresh thirst quenchers for many tastes, as the KevytOlo range includes a spring water, unflavoured and flavoured calorie-free mineral waters, as well as juice-mineral waters. KevytOlo products have no additives and only contain the sodium naturally present in groundwater. KevytOlo Kombucha’s are manufactured according to original kombucha fermentation process.

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Water from untouched nature.

Arctic Silence

Arctic Silence is water from untouched nature. At our latitude, nature is in total control and finds its way – in silence. Arctic Silence is pure and unique in taste, a refreshing thirst quencher for all occasions. The water is of premium quality due to its natural balance of minerals which creates the smooth and fresh taste. Experience Arctic Silence.

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Be joyself

Health Lab

Health Lab is a comprehensive range of well-being drinks. Health Lab Vitamin Waters are non-carbonated beverages based on mineral water with added vitamins and minerals. Our fresh drinks are made with pure Iisalmi groundwater and are the only Finnish vitamin waters in the market. Each Health Lab drink is made for a specific purpose such as giving you strength or supporting weight control.

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