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Olvi Vichy is a traditional Vichy-type mineral water with lots of bubbles. It contains minerals and salt (NaCl). OLVI Vichy has a strong Finnish profile and is an excellent help in maintaining the liquid balance of the body. The beverage has also enjoyed appreciation from international experts. As a recognition for this, OLVI Vichy received a gold medal in Amsterdam in 1981. The only flavoured and functional Vichy-type waters in the market can be found in Olvi’s range.

Olvi Vichy

The latest newcomer into the successful flavoured Olvi Vichy water family is the fruity fresh Vichy Pineapple. Adding sweet pineapple to our traditional and award-winning Vichy base, containing 0.05 g of salts per 100 ml of drink, creates the perfect combination for maintaining your fluid balance.

OLVI Vichy

Pear is a unique taste in the domestic vichy selection. OLVI Vichy’s act as the most excellent thirst quenchers and, thanks to their salts, are also suitable for recovery after exercise. OLVI Vichy – since 1878.


This traditional Finnish high-carbonic acid thirst-quencher is manufactured from pure ground water. Aimed at mineral water enthusiasts, this refreshing drink has also won the approval of international experts. OLVI Vichy was awarded the gold medal in Amsterdam in 1981 as an acknowledgment of its quality.

OLVI Vichy Lemon & Lime + magnesium

OLVI Vichy Lemon-Lime + magnesium is a calorie-free and unsweetened mineral water. We developed 162 different versions before we found this perfect flavor combination. There was effort in it, but it was worth it. Contains magnesium 28 mg / 100ml. Especially suitable for diet observers, fitness enthusiasts and those who need magnesium.

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