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Since 1878

The raw materials for OLVI beers are carefully chosen and mostly of Finnish origin. Only the hops are imported because the Finnish weather prevents the cultivation of hops of a sufficient quality. OLVI beers differ from each other by choices of raw materials and production methods. Olvi beers are matured slowly and patiently, using the one and only correct method. There is no shortcut to success.

OLVI Rye Mild NEIPA 2,5%

An unfiltered, unpasteurized, full-malt ultra-low alc.session New England Rye IPA with fruity aroma, nice round mouthfeel from rye and only 2,5.% alcohol.


A traditional full-bodied dark lager beer – the perfect drink for Christmas dinner.

OLVI Merry
Xmas IPA

Unfiltered and unpasterized full-malt Red IPA with strong aroma and fruity notes. Hops: Opal, Kazbek and Comet.

OLVI Winter

A seasonal specialty beer developped according to consumer wishes. A malty Scottish Export Ale with roasted barley and Brittish aroma hops.

OLVI Hi-Hop Mild IPA 2,5%

A full-malt ultra-low alc session IPA with only 2,5 % alcohol and lots of hoppy taste.


OLVI IPA 5,0 % beer is a stronger version of the best selling specialty beer in Finland. It is an unfiltered, unpasteurized, strongly hopped, citric, full-malt ale with Mosaic, Galaxy, Comet and Saphire aroma hops.


OLVI Ykkönen is a full-malt beer with a fresh and light taste. The alcohol content is only 2.7 vol. %, which makes it an excellent thirst quencher and accompaniment for food.


Manufactured from Finnish malt and Bavarian hops, OLVI III is a popular Finnish internationally acclaimed beer. In 1991, OLVI III was awarded the gold medal in Barcelona.


OLVI Export is brewed from the best Finnish malts and selected Bavarian hops. The result is a light, strong lager, with a fresh, fruity taste. OLVI Export has been deservedly recognised in the competitive international arena and. in 1981, OLVI Export won the gold medal in Amsterdam.


OLVI Tuplapukki Double Bock is the most sold strong lager (>5,5 %) beer in Finland. Its strong alcoholic flavour is softened by a freshness of taste that is brought about by extended fermentation. The beer is coppery in colour and has an enduring foam. It is an excellent beverage to be slowly savoured or enjoyed as a nightcap.

4,7 %

OLVI IPA beer is the best selling IPA beer in Finland. It is an unfiltered, unpasteurized, strongly hopped, citric, full-malt ale with Mosaic, Galaxy, Comet and Saphire aroma hops.

Olvi Halko

Manufactured from Finnish malt and Bavarian hops.


OLVI Kotikalja home-brewed beer is a traditional dark brown beverage which is made from rye and barley malt. Its alcohol content is 2.2 %.


Barley and wheat malt as well as American aroma hops, Citra, Chinook and Equanot are contributing to the fresh full-bodied citrusy taste of OLVI APA American Pale Ale. OLVI APA is an unfiltered unpasteurized full-malt top-fermented beer.

OLVI American
Cream Ale

OLVI American Cream Ale is the first american cream ale in Finland. It is both top- and bottom-fermented as the production process is a fusion of both production processes. A skillfully chosen malt selection, two different types of yeasts and a combination of carefully selected aroma hops are the secret of this fresh, softly hopped unpasteurized, unfiltered, full-malt beer that is easy to drink.

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