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OLVI Long Drink is a positively Finnish long drink with a honest and uncomplicated taste. It is a delicious and excellent choice for everyone who likes long drinks.

OLVI Cranberry
Long Drink

One of the most popular long drink is the OLVI long drink with a cranberry flavour. The smooth freshness of this traditional Finnish berry perfectly complements the Gin taste.

OLVI Golden
Long Drink

OLVI Golden Long Drink is a new taste alternative in the long drink selection and at the same time a totally new kind of drink-mix. OLVI Golden Long Drink has a golden shimmer and a taste which is easy to fall in love with. The positively Finnish OLVI Golden Long Drink quenches the thirst of all long drink lovers whether enjoyed alone or in company.

OLVI Sour Apple long drink

OLVI Sour Apple is long drink with green apple flavour. Pour over ice and enjoy!

OLVI Long drink
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