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In Flavor We Trust!

Kane’s is a lifestyle soft drink brand inspired by the relaxed surfing culture of West Coast USA, a feeling that young people easily identify with. The flavor profile of Kane’s Soda Pop soft drink’s appreciates traditions but has also been twisted towards the present day. Kane’s Bouncy is a new hybrid drink, that combines the best features of soft drinks, energy drinks and juices.

Kane´s Bubble Tea Mango & Passion Fruit

It’s taking over! This time with something a bit less not-so exotic. As the old saying goes: mango go with passion fruit like bubbles go with tea. You try it, and you’ll agree!

Kane´s Soda Pop Calabasas Kicks

Here’s just a little trick you should pick pretty quick if you wanna be slick. Take a strawberry and put it in your shoe. No? Well then try the calabasas style instead!

Kane´s Bubble Tea Sour Apple

Expand your horizons and get some bubble on with a splash of Asian style flavor! We´re on a new kinda kick with our first authentic bubble tea, with a classic sour apple taste.

Kane´s Soda Pop Belvedere Bowl

Hold on to your britches and get ready to be bowled over – by the one-two punch of blueberry and mangosteen! Yeah we know, they´re not often seen together in nature, so don´t miss your chance to experience this combination. We think it really packs a ´strike´!

Kane’s Soda Pop Ventura Wheel

Round and round and back again — let your taste buds take a spin on the blue carousel!

Kane’s Soda Pop Chula Vista Crush

Raspberry & Lemon. This is no fruit punch. Intense to the max. So fresh you won’t know what’s happening in your mouth, the only thing you’ll know is you want more

Kane´s Soda Pop Fontana Flip

Watch out, don´t flip out, it´s just a crazy tasty mix of fruity goodness. Green means ´go get it right now´!

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