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Kane’s is a lifestyle soft drink brand inspired by the relaxed surfing culture of West Coast USA, a feeling that young people easily identify with. The flavor profile of Kane’s Soda Pop soft drink’s appreciates traditions but has also been twisted towards the present day. Kane’s Bouncy is a new hybrid drink, that combines the best features of soft drinks, energy drinks and juices.

Kane´s Soda Pop Belvedere Bowl

Hold on to your britches and get ready to be bowled over – by the one-two punch of blueberry and mangosteen! Yeah we know, they´re not often seen together in nature, so don´t miss your chance to experience this combination. We think it really packs a ´strike´!

Kane’s Soda Pop Paradise Punch

Fresh lemon, fresh head – you can sorbet this golden nectar makes your mind soar into the blue sky of the flavor paradise.

Kane’s Soda Pop Ventura Wheel

Round and round and back again — let your taste buds take a spin on the blue carousel!

Kane’s Soda Pop Chula Vista Crush

Raspberry &. Lemon. This is no fruit punch. Intense to the max. So fresh you won’t know what’s happening in your mouth, the only thing you’ll know is you want more

Kane’s Soda Pop Pasadena Pinch

Lemon &. Dragon Fruit. A truly exotic dragon fruit is teamed up with traditional taste of lemon. You might have to pinch yourself after a sip. It’s not a dream, it’s real.

Kane´s Soda Pop Fontana Flip

Watch out, don´t flip out, it´s just a crazy tasty mix of fruity goodness. Green means ´go get it right now´!

Kane´s Bouncy

A juicy, strawberry &. acai-flavoured drink, which offers an extra boost with real juice and caffeine.

Kane’s Soda Pop The Wedge

Ready for good times and surf vibes? This delightful combo of watermelon and lemon is like a wave of flavor. Catch it, ride it and hang loose.

Kane's Soda Pop
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