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Kane’s Soda Pop is a lifestyle soft drink inspired by the relaxed surfing culture of West Coast USA, a feeling that young people easily identify with. The flavor profile of the range appreciates our soft drink traditions but has also been twisted towards the present day. The products are manufactured with natural colourings and flavorings only.

Kane’s Soda Pop Coachella Chill

Crispy green apple with a laid-back attitude and a splash of citrus. We’d say it’s a match made in soda pop heaven. Superb freshness. Good vibes.

Kane’s Soda Pop Fresno Flirt

When you want to feel light and peachy, have a sip of this fruity phenomenon. Loads of flavor. Decent amount of flirt. No sugar.

Kane’s Soda Pop Red Peak Rush

Red Peak Rush Cherry & Plum. Feed your imagination with these wild fruits – bag the peak and enjoy stunning views!

Kane’s Soda Pop Carmel Valley Chop

It’s about time to put new and exciting back in cola. With a mouth watering choice of herbs this cola goes where no cola has never been.

Kane’s Soda Pop Chula Vista Crush

Raspberry & Lemon. This is no fruit punch. Intense to the max. So fresh you won’t know what’s happening in your mouth, the only thing you’ll know is you want more

Kane’s Soda Pop Pasedena Pinch

Lemon & Dragon Fruit. A truly exotic dragon fruit is teamed up with traditional taste of lemon. You might have to pinch yourself after a sip. It’s not a dream, it’s real.

Kane’s Soda Pop The Wedge

Ready for good times and surf vibes? This delightful combo of watermelon and lemon is like a wave of flavor. Catch it, ride it and hang loose.

Kane's Soda Pop
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