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Health Lab is a comprehensive range of well-being drinks. Health Lab Vitamin Waters are non-carbonated beverages based on mineral water with added vitamins and minerals. Our fresh drinks are made with pure Iisalmi groundwater and are the only Finnish vitamin waters in the market. Each Health Lab drink is made for a specific purpose such as giving you strength or supporting weight control.

Lab Mind

Ready, set, focus. Sweet pineapple and ginger flavored HEALTH LAB MIND is a tasty way to prepare for learning new things. Added magnesium, biotin, vitamin B6, zinc and vitamin B5 promote healthy mental performance to keep your mind sharp.

Lab Vision

Bursting with mango and ylang ylang flavor, Health Lab Vision is a true feast for the eyes because it’s packed with lutein and zeaxanthin. Drink contains also zinc and riboflavin, which contributes to the maintenance of normal vision. Since you are looking at a screen as we speak, you see the need for the drink, right?

Health Lab Skin and Beauty

Raspberry- and aloe vera-flavored HEALTH LAB SKIN & BEAUTY is like day spa in a bottle. Only better. With Collagen, zinc, selenium and vitamins E, B3 and B7 in every single sip, it pampers your skin, hair and nails from within. Hello gorgeous!

Health Lab

The orange and passion fruit flavored HEALTH LAB BALANCE contains all that is required to rev up your metabolism on a daily basis. The added biotin, zinc, vitamins B5 and B6 and magnesium help you stay amazing and maintain equilibrium when the going gets tough.

Health Lab
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