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CASE: Ecological packaging and the circular economy at Olvi

We want to ensure that all the materials we use are recyclable and ecological. Our goal is to recycle all material fractions from production, such as plastic, paperboard, glass and metal. Of all the  materials used and generated at Olvi in Iisalmi, nearly 100% is either recycled, reused or used for waste-to-energy and other purposes. Only around 0.2% of all materials ends up as mixed waste.

The process side streams include excess yeast and spent grain, which are delivered for use as feed for cattle and pigs. The amount of yeast and spent grain generated annually is 33 times higher than the amount of other recyclable materials. Spent grain and yeast are used to feed around 5,000 cattle and 6,000 pigs in nearby areas.

In the procurement of packaging materials, we invest in environmentally friendly materials, and we use recycled packaging materials as far as possible, considering product safety. The aluminium cans and glass we use contain an average of 50% and 29% recycled material, respectively.
During 2021, we will introduce plastic bottles made from recycled material. The paperboard packaging we use contains an average of 60% recycled material.

All our products have recyclable or reusable packaging. Thanks to a well-functioning deposit return system, 90% of plastic bottles, 87% of glass bottles and 95% of aluminium cans are returned by consumers to be reused or used as a raw material.

We use plastic trays for the transport of our products. In the transport of cans alone, plastic trays reduce the annual consumption of paperboard by nearly 1 million kilos. When used correctly, plastic trays are also very durable and can be reused dozens of times. This multiplies the amount of
paperboard saved.





Published 30 March, 2021