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Governance and Management

Olvi plc’s Board of Directors approves Olvi Group’s strategic priorities and targets, as well as their indicators. The Board of Directors’ Sustainability Committee assists the company’s Board by participating in the preparation and the surveillance of the Group’s sustainability programme and external sustainability reporting. Olvi plc’s CEO and Management Team approve longer-term sustainability priorities, targets, and their indicators. They also monitor the implementation of sustainability programme and participate in developing it.

The boards of directors of Olvi plc’s subsidiaries monitor the implementation of the sustainability programme in Group companies and contribute to its practical application in cooperation with the managing directors. Olvi Group’s sustainability team is responsible for coordinating the sustainability programme for Group companies. The sustainability team consists of Olvi plc’s sustainability team and representatives of the subsidiaries.

Olvi plc’s Sustainability Director, Olvi plc’s sustainability team and the persons in charge of the focus areas of the sustainability programme are responsible for determining, developing, and promoting the sustainability action plan. The relevant teams are also responsible for monitoring the indicators and implementing measures to achieve the targets.

In 2022, we established a team composed of external experts, the External Sustainability Advisory Team. The team assesses the sustainability programme and its reporting and will provide insights in terms of the programme’s development as of 2023.