Angry Birds Strawberry is milk-based snack drink with added vitamins and real strawberry.

    Angry Birds Starwberry

  •    OLVI Raikas Forest Berry is a refreshing juice drink in which you can taste familiar Finnish berries, such as raspberry and blueberry. The flavour is a perfect combination of the sweetness of raspberry and the sourness of blueberry. No preservatives or artificial sweeteners have been added to the juice drink. OLVI Raikas Forest Berry Drink

  •    In OLVI Fresh Pear juice drink, you can taste the pleasant round flavour of pear, which is one of the most popular fruits in juices. This refreshing thirst quencher contains genuine pear juice. Ready to drink no added preservatives or artificial sweeteners. OLVI Raikas Pear Juice Drink
  • Tuntematonsotilas is 4,5% pale lager beer, which packing design is full of history.


  • KevytOlo Birch juice mineral water contains Nordic Koivu Ltd's genuine birch sap directly from the tree trunk. KevytOlo juice mineral water contains also lemon flavor and natural flavor of mint.

    KevytOlo Birch Sap juice mineral water

  •  OLVI Halloween Cola is the soft drink of the horrors! OLVI Halloween Cola
  • Imperial Ale is a top-fermented beer with a rich flavour bouquet. There is a perfect balance between the delicious bitter taste of hops and the sweetness of malt.

    A. Le Coq Imperial Ale 5,0%

  • Imperial Gold is a premium lager with a rich and full-bodied taste. A. Le Coq Gold 4,8%
  • Angry Birds Chocolate is milk-based snack drink with added vitamins and pure cocoa.

    Angry Birds Chocolate

  •  Olvi is boldly dancing out a wild tropic fruit-flavoured long drink that contains a taste of Curumba fruit, lime, rum and gin. OLVI Samba long drink
  •  Olvi's newest flavoured cider is bubbling with the freshness of citrus fruits, and the only unique Jelly Beans fruit candy-taste on the market. OLVI Siideri Hedelmäsirkus
  •  Angry Birds GO is mango flavored soft drink. Angry Birds GO
  •  The alcohol content of unfiltered Sandels Wheat Beer is 4.7 percent. The summery taste of this new beer contains the fruitiness typical of wheat beers and a touch of herb. Sandels Wheat Beer
  • Sherwood Apple Cider is a sweet apple cider with a strong fruity apple taste.

    Sherwood Apple Cider
  • TEHO Lite Boost is a new sugar-free member of the TEHO product family that is packaged in a flashy silver 0.5 L can. The familiar guarana is the taste. MORE TEHO!

    TEHO Lite Boost
  •  Simpsons JaffaX is an apple and mandarin-flavoured soft drink. Simpons JaffaX
  •  Simpons JaffaX light is a lighter orange and mandarin-flavoured soft drink. Simpons JaffaX light
  • A. Le Coq Pina Colada is a sweet drink which has taste of aromas of coconut and pineapple. The Pina Colada is made by fermentation in a wine base.

    A. Le Coq Cocktail Pina Colada
  • A le coq Cuba Libre is a drink that tastes aromas of cola and lime. It is made by fermentation in a wine base.

    A Le coq Cocktail Cuba Libre

  •  The special combination of bitter and aroma hops is unique and is a key component of the well balanced, mild-hoppy WARSTEINER Premium Verum.

    Warsteiner Premium Verum 4,7%

  •  0.0% alcohol. This beer has everything that makes an original WARSTEINER outstanding. In short: 100% premium enjoyment.

    Warsteiner Premium Fresh

  • Select ingredients, a special brewing process, perfected quality control and bottle fermentation guarantee the bubbly, fresh taste of this royal Bavarian "Weissbier".

    König Ludwig Weissbier

  •  Sherwood Pear is a sweet apple cider, with a taste of soft, delicious pear.

    Sherwood Pear

  • Stella is a raspberry-flavoured soft drink sweetened with natural sugar.

    Angry Birds Stella soft drink

  • OLVI Hiili (Coal) beer is a very dark lager beer with a roasted flavour. OLVI Hiili and Halko (Log) beers make an excellent product pair.

    OLVI Hiili-beer 4,5%
  • OLVI Kotikalja (Home Brew) is a traditional Finnish home-brewed beer, with a sweet and mellow flavour suitable for Finnish food tables.

    OLVI Kotikalja 2,2%
  •  Sherwood Oaky Apple Cider is a semi-dry apple cider, with a flavour of oak.

    Sherwood Oaky Apple Cider 

  •  Balanssi (Balance) is a high protein snack drink that is suitable for a variety of uses. You can enjoy it at breakfast, lunch, or work, while studying or exercising, or when you want to increase the amount of protein in your diet.

    Balanssi chocolate-flavoured snack drink

  • KevytOlo Greippi (Grapefruit) is a calorie-free mineral water flavoured with several different types of grapefruit. The pH value of the product is safe for dental enamel.

    KevytOlo Greippi mineral water

  •    OLVI Raikas Five fruits juice drink is a versatile fruit mix combining several refreshing fruit flavours. The refreshing juice drink contains orange, apple, pineapple, mandarin and mango juice. The pleasant fruity taste is reminiscent of summer's warmth and sun. No preservatives or artificial sweeteners have been added to the juice drink. OLVI Raikas Five fruits juice drink