Soft Drinks

Angry Birds, Hello Kitty and HeviSaurus

Olvi manufactures under license the globe-conquering Angry Birds soft drinks. Spring 2012 saw the rise of tropical fruit flavoured 'Red' and autumn new comers, pear flavoured 'Bad Piggies' and orange-cola 'Bomb' were introduced too. Newest Angry Bird soft drink is Angry Bird Go which is mango flavored soft drink.

Olvi Soft Drinks

Olvi's new concept for soft drinks "break the shackles" means that we leave our mark. Our labels combine typical youthful elements, clichés, hand-written typography and drawings - our attitude is relaxed and open-minded. Everyone can pick and choose aspects from the writings that appeal to them personally. Each flavour has its own, individual look. Our most popular tastes; Cola, Cola light, Jaffa, Jaffa Light (contains sweeteners) and Lemon are available in bottle sizes 0.5 L and 0,95L.

Olvi's high-quality soft drinks have been manufactured in Iisalmi since 1906.

  • OLVI Ananas light (Pineapple light) is a light soft drink flavoured with pineapple.

    OLVI Ananas light soft drink

  •  Olvi Jaffa Light is a sugar-free alternative to Olvi Jaffa. Olvi Jaffa Light's fresh and fruity taste is unpretentious and therefore the favourite flavour of many. The product has been sweetened with aspartame and thus contains only 1.2 kcal per decilitre. OLVI Jaffa Light
  • Olvi lemon Olvi Lemon is a refreshing lemonade, a perfect thirst-quencher and accompaniment to any meal. Crystal clear and bubbly Olvi Lemon    also works well as a mixer. On the label lemons are illustrated as comic characters with expressions picked from symbolism in the social media. We realise various expressions ensuring the product remains a hot topic of conversation. OLVI Lemon
  •  OLVI Jaffa's fruity and traditional flavour makes it a firm favourite. OLVI Jaffa is sweetened entirely without artificial sweeteners and   contains natural sugars and natural aromas. The new, characteristic appearance of the product combines typical Jaffa colouring with hand-written typography. OLVI Jaffa
  • OLVI Cola Light is a plant extract drink, which has the vivid and traditional taste typical of cola drinks.

    OLVI Cola light
  • OLVI Cola is a plant extract drink, which has a vivid and traditional taste typical to cola drinks.

    OLVI Cola has been sweetened without any artificial sweeteners and it contains fructose.

    OLVI Cola